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vrf Error 445 in ActiveX usage

Question asked by ashley on Nov 18, 2003
> This may not be new to some of you, but it was to me.

Excellent advice - it sure does make things easier. Context handlers in
general are awesome and you can even do something like this particular one
yourself. Never neglect your SendTo menu! Hold down the Windows key and type
R, or click Start->Run. Type SendTo in the edit box and hit Enter, and your
SendTo menu will open in an explorer window.

You can put anything you want here, but shortcuts are most useful. For
instance, type Alt-F Rt. Dn. Enter (or right click and select New->Shortcut.
I guess it's pretty obvious I hate mice!). In the Create Shortcut wizard,
type regsvr32 and hit Enter. In the Name edit box, type Register Component
and hit Enter. Create another new shortcut. This time, type regsvr32 -u and
hit Enter. Name it Unregister Component.

Forever after, you can right click any file that exports DllRegisterServer
or DllUnregisterServer (any COM or ActiveX file) and select Send
To->Register Component or Send To->Unregister Component and you get these
functions. For the keyboard challenged, the context menu for any item is
called up by Shift-F10, then press n to open the Send To submenu.

The new Windows shell is positively brimming with cool stuff like this that
not a lot of users know about.

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