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vrf instrument address for TCPIP0 interface

Question asked by VRFuser on Jan 29, 2002
Hi all,
I'm trying to get remote access to a PC with GPIB and VXI
mainframe ( 8491 Controller ) over LAN. LAN server is configured
and started on this PC. Client is configured on my side. There is no
problem controlling the GPIB devices ( auto detected by Find Instr
), but except a simple 'IDN?' nothing works with the VXI devices.
The VXI PnP init() call returns a 'resource not found' message. I
know I have to configure the INSTR string on the VXI PnP tab, but
the standard VXI0::208::INSTR doesn't work. Do I have to use a
string like 'TCPIP0::hostname/ip::device name' and if so what is the
device name ? I know only the device address and thought the
device name depends on Instrument Manager setup.

Thanks in advance

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D 12359 Berlin - Neuklln
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