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vrf FW: VEE 6.01 Fatal Error

Question asked by esfreitas on Apr 11, 2002
Sorry, I forgot to insert the attachments.

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> From:      Eduardo Freitas 
> Sent:     11 de Abril de 2002 13:06
> To:     VEE Email Reflector (E-mail)
> Subject:     VEE 6.01 Fatal Error
> Hi all,
> Last night, after working more than 5 hours on a new version of the
> program I am developing, when I tried to save the program, there was
> always an error message displayng on the screen (I dont' rememember
> exactly what it said...something "out of bounds") and didn't let me save
> the program. I tried to "save as" as another version, but the only
> solution was to quit the VEE environment. Then I checked there was a
> filename with the version I tried to "save as", but when I tried to open
> it, the following errors (in attachment) appeared and the file didn't open
> (I was completly frustrated looking at the blank screen). I tried to open
> the filename I was working on ..., no luck, the same thing happened.
> This is completely incredible and it's not the first time it happens to
> me. Who do I have to blame !? The VEE development team or me? Did I make
> any mistake?
> Is there any way to recover this files?
> I already looked at the files with a text editor, but the file is almost
> 2MB long and I don't have any expertize dealing with this files.
> I think I am going to work again on last saved project and write again
> everything, because I have to finish the program today to delivery my
> client Test Equipment today.
> I really appreciate any help
> Best regards
> Eduardo Freitas
> PT Inovo, S.A. - Plo de Lisboa
> Laboratrio de Calibrao e Ensaio
> Tel: +351 21 422 5732  Fax: +351 21 422 5701
> E-Mail:
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