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FW: vrf Odd or even detector

Question asked by VRFuser on Aug 13, 2001
Hi everyone

I am trying to perform an XOR function on six numbers for example :-

     XOR 31,48,44,54,20,20 = 69

the result will be 69. The trouble is the XOR function in VEE 5.01 only
gives 0 or 1 so i have to convert each number into a binary array and then
pass each one though the XOR function e.g.

31=00110001 48=01001000 put through XOR gives = 01111001 then put 01111001
XOR with the next number
44=010001010 = ......and so on and so on until the last number 20

if i can do this calculation using the Windows Calculator there must be an
easier way of doing this with VEE.
Any help would be great!

Many thanks

Scott Thompson

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