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vrf Runtime and ActiveX Issues

Question asked by VRFuser on Aug 15, 2002
Shawn -

Let me clarify a bit. We run our .vee files using veerun as a program loader.

I think I know what the problem is. The ActiveX stuff usees COM1 to talk to the camera. In the development mode I turned off COM1 in the instrument manager. BUT COM1 is still in the file, which is used by veerun. I should have unconfigured the com port using i/o control. I haven't tested this theory out, but it make sense.

- Pat

>>> Shawn Fessenden 08/15/02 05:05PM >>>
Pat -

> I have no problem running my
> VEE software in the development
> mode. However, as soon as I run
> the program in the runtime mode
> (unsecured) I get error messages
> from the camera's ActiveX component.

There's a possible explanation regarding licensing issues. There are two
different ActiveX licenses: development and runtime. A license for use of a
control does not automatically imply that control can be used in a
development environment such as VEE or VB.

The problem is that your scenario seems to be backward! I'm confused by
"(unsecured)" with respect to "runtime mode". Generally, a p-code compiled
VEE application (VXE, usable with the runtime version of VEE) is sometimes
referred to as "secured" though the appellation is erroneously held over
from RMB's SECURE command.

Unfortunately the File menu says "Save Secured RunTime Version..." when it
really ought to say "Save As Compiled P-Code..." (IMNSHO that is).

At any rate, try re-registering your control. Maybe one of the license
strings got trashed. When you select the control in VEE's "ActiveX Control
References" dialog box, make a note of the "Location" displayed at the
bottom of the dialog. Open a command prompt and type:

regsvr32 /i location

where 'location' is the location shown in the dialog (sic - it's actually a
filename like c:winntsystem32ircam.ocx).

If that doesn't work, I'd call the camera people, or at least the ones
responsible for the control.

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