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Question asked by VRFuser on Jun 7, 2002
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Hello VRFers! 

We have heard your cries for a web-based newsgroup and would like to solicit some input from you before going off and doing the wrong thing.  Please respond directly to me with any capabilities you need on a web-based newsgroup.  Also indicate whether these are items you can't live without, or just something you wish you could have. Keep in mind I am not promising anything at this point but acquiring input.

Generally our thoughts are:

- we would host the new vrf on the Agilent Developer Network (ADN), our new web-based information, download, and support center. The vrf would go into the ADN Basic area, free of charge, though we'd require you to register for ADN and provide us the usual basic info. Agilent's Privacy Policy would protect your registration info.

- we'd move the existing archived digests to the web, where they would be searchable (we have the complete set of digests back to day one). We probably wouldn't do any other text processing (e.g. "bursting"), but at least you could look for words like "E1411A" or "error pins" and retrieve a set of archives containing those words.

- we would thread postings. A thread is a topic, such as the current E8311A topic, with all its responses, and probably the ability to branch off into sub-threads. This would only apply to postings made from the web form, not the existing archived postings or email submissions.

- postings would be entered via a web form, and you would have buttons and suchlike to control whether the posting is a new thread, a response to an existing thread, or a new subthread.

- we think we could provide controls on the web form that let you easily attach a VEE program, a .bmp file, or other kinds of auxiliary files to your post. When you read a posting with attachments, we think we can make it easier to download the attachments to your hard drive without doing a lot of text editing, etc.

- postings made with the web form would also be searchable, of course, and could return whole threads of interest

Some details to think about:

Do you still need to receive e-mail copies of postings?
Emails of individual postings or emails of digests, or both?

Do you need the vrf to send you email to alert you of new threads, or new postings to existing threads?

Do you need to be able to post a message from e-mail?
NOTE: if we are able to support posting via email, you would lose the ability to control threading on those postings. Emailed postings would be randomly interspersed, as they are now.

Do you need to receive notice via e-mail when a new subject (thread) is started?

I want to thank you in advance for any input you provide.  I would appreciate all input by next Friday, 14 June.

Nicole Dierksheide
Scott Bayes
Agilent Technologies
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