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vrf Printing To File in Boldface

Question asked by rsb on Dec 12, 2002
<> wrote:
> OK, thanks for the solutions so far. I understand the
> the tags necessary to include for an html file but are there
> similar tags for a .txt file to be viewed in either Wordpad
> or Notepad for example?

Depends once again on formatting.

A plain ASCII .txt file has no formatting and is just characters.

Notepad is straight ASCII so you can't do what you want. Same with any other
plain ascii editor since ASCII just doesn't work that way.

Wordpad can understand various formats, with RTF probably being your
best bet. I believe that the tag there is  .

Since there are many incompatible formatting methods it is not possible
to write a single file to show different formats in all viewers. Hence
you need to specify viewer before selecting format.


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