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Question asked by VRFuser on Apr 1, 2002
The second link in the below message was sliced but the full URL is
contained in the brackets <>.  You will need to cut and paste the full
information between the brackets to get to the URL.  The URL directly to
what is new in VEE 6.1 is
Again, this URL goes all the way to locale=US so please make sure you have
selected the entire URL to find the information.
Thank you,
Nicole Dierksheide

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Sent: Monday, 01 April, 2002 12:11 PM
Subject: RE: vrf Inquiry

Pat and all,
The release of VEE 6.1 is scheduled for mid-May.  We are currently
publishing the information on this new release this week.  The URL <>  now points to a
new product page and the link for more product detail from that page will be
updated shortly.  If you wish to see the new product pages you can find them
at ... uctgroup_2
&pgr-ItemID=1000000363&language=eng&locale=US.  You will find the new
product numbers near the bottom of the list.
I hope I'm not spreading any new rumors
Thank you,
Nicole Dierksheide
Agilent Technologies

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From: Pat Vittorini []
Sent: Wednesday, 27 March, 2002 2:01 PM
To: VEE Users Group (E-mail)
Subject: vrf Inquiry

Has anyone heard when VEE 7 will arrive? I spoke to someone at Agilent and
they said sometime this spring. Any new rumors?

Pat Vittorini
Lab Manager
Research In Motion - Ottawa
( 829-7465 Ext: 4118
* <

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