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vrf File close problem

Question asked by bwalden on Sep 3, 2002
Hi folks,

I have an application that will make an entry in a secondary log file
only if the primary log file is not available (i.e. network failure).
Once a log file has been opened, I leave it open until the application
ends but, if the primary file has no problems, the secondary file may
never be opened.  When the user presses the "Done" button, I use a
"To_File/Execute Close" object to make sure both files have been closed
correctly.  No problem, everything works well even if there is no
secondary file.

Recently I decided to allow the operator to change the secondary file's
directory so I provided a file name control input pin to the To_File
object.  Unfortunately, Vee acts a little differently under this
condition - if the file doesn't exist, Vee creates it and then, I
assume, closes it.  For a number of reasons, I don't want empty data
files being generated.  In fact, I don't want empty files of any sort
being generated.  Is this a legitimate and desirable Vee "feature"?

I know closing a file was a big deal back in the DOS days.  Do I really
need to "execute close" when leaving a Vee application on a Windows 2000


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