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Seeking information on Oswego Software and Rocky Mtn. Basic

Question asked by VRFuser on May 31, 2002
Latest reply on May 31, 2002 by VRFuser
Karl -

As I used to be the #2 dude around there, I can give you an update and some
info. OSI is now defunct.

The last release of Oswego Software's HP File Copy was 8.3. If you can find
it, buy that. There are of course plenty of other utilities that will read
HP floppies, but I don't think anybody else ever did anything useful with
BDAT files. I don't recall your name specifically, but I did do a lot of
work for Sandia and I do recall that most of it required BDAT translation.

As for RMB translators, there were several. What we usually did was to
translate series 80 (or any of the 9835/45 variety as required) to 200/300
and then touch that up manually to run on HT Basic for Windows or HP Basic
for Windows. We did actually produce a translator (200/300) that targeted HT
Basic for Windows, but unfortunately the company went TU just as it was to
be released. In fact, one of the things we were thinking about was a VEE
translator (RMB to VEE). And of course the infamous RMB to VB translator. I
still have a working model of that one (anybody wanna buy any of this

Anyway, I'm afraid I can't sell anything that was on OSI's menu, but I have
lots of information and if this is something you can outsource I'm sure I
can run some of this stuff on your behalf.

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