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Question asked by VRFuser on Dec 10, 2002
Hi vrf-ers. It's Scott and Nicole again. We want to learn a bit about your preferences for MATLAB with VEE.

We're thinking of repackaging VEE to make MATLAB an option, so that when you buy the next release of VEE (let's call it you only have to pay for MATLAB if you want it.

Users who don't want MATLAB would get a price break on Those who do use it would be able to get it included with at about the same price as today, by purchasing the option. And if you want to use the full MATLAB product with VEE, you would buy without MATLAB and connect your full MATLAB in just as you do today.

We'd like to ask you a couple of questions:

- are you currently using MATLAB with VEE?

- do you think that repackaging VEE as we describe above is a good idea?

We haven't made a decision yet on whether or not to make MATLAB an option. Your input is important in this decision. - though we'd love to tell you more about plans, we cannot do so right now.

So if you'd like to make your opinion heard, please post your answers to the vrf, or send them directly to Scott if you prefer privacy.

Best Regards,

Nicole Dierksheide
Scott Bayes
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