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vrf Printing Problem

Question asked by VRFuser on Sep 4, 2002
Thanks a lot for the tips but is there a way to make shure that he always
fills one page, maximizie. Or do I need to find the exact size of the



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It doesn't seem to work unless you add it too a user function panel.

where you can either display it or use a label to create your own title.

Regards Mike

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For one of our projects we are making use of a X-Y plot. To use this plot
in our ISO procedure we print it out by making use of the plot pin.
If we do this our title bar is always printed black in the background,
regardless of which background we take.
This only happens when we are working on NT with a deskjet printer and not
on UNIX.
Is there a solution for this problem?

Yoeri Arien
Microwave engineer
Emerson & Cuming MWP
Nijverheidstraat 7a
2260 Westerlo
(Phone) +32 14562547
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