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vrf 8563E Spec An Lockup With 85620 Memory Module

Question asked by VRFuser on Nov 6, 2001
Dan's recent question concerning his PC and sig gen locking up reminded
me of this problem.

We have an 8563E Spectrum Analyzer with the 85620A Memory Module and 32K
card.  When this module is connected to the spec an, and I send a 'TS'
(take sweep) command, the analyzer *occasionally* generates an error
saying there were not enough arguments for command TS.
Since we rarely use the memory module, the work around has been to
remove the memory module.
We use Vee as well as Delphi.  It seems to happen more with Delphi than
Vee but I do recall this problem happening with Vee.
Any ideas?
P.S.  I tried adding delay before and after the TS command, but it
didn't work.

Shawn Crossland
Digital Receiver Technology Inc.
(301) 916-5554 ext. 148
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