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vrf Network interface software lock

Question asked by g.nied on Dec 16, 2002

you surely are right if you point out that only the presence of a LAN-Card
is needed to have a unique ID and such a card doesn't cost mutch. So it
might be seen just like a key.

But tell me how to solve my situation: if my customer has several pc's with
vee runtime in use. How can I easily debug my program on one pc? Remember,
that not only my code may be the culprid but also the OS, the interfaces,
ActiveX Controls and so on. So it is not the best solution to debug the
code on a different pc. I must have the ability to temporarily 'transfer'
my right to use the development version to another pc!
If Agilent really needs such a safety (which I personally deny) they would
be better off with another kind of key which leads to those old dongles
again and I do not like them!

        Georg Nied
Hansestr.7 - 51149 Cologne
> I feel I need to clarify one point:
> VEE does _not_ require a web or even network connection for the
> licensing.
> It uses a flexlm nodelock license locked to a LAN card hardware
> address, so a LAN card is indeed needed, but it does _not_ actually
> have to be connected to anything. No lan cable is even needed- just
> the presence of the card to provide a unique ID for the machine.
> If you grab a USB LAN adapter then this becomes easily portable.

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