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vrf Time zone continued

Question asked by bwalden on Apr 3, 2002
Thanks to all that replied to my last time zone message.  Most of you
are not having problems, in fact, Mike Groves is the only one that seems
to have found something strange (except for me).  However, I would hope
that if this was a common problem it would have been discovered and
fixed a long time ago.

Here's a summary of the situation:

1) For most people, the Vee text timestamp string reflects the time zone
established using the Win2000 Control Panel Date/Time item or by  right
clicking on the time display in the bottom right corner of the main
window.  If you change the time zone Vee seems to know about it and acts
accordingly - the timestamp string always has the same time has that
displayed by the operating system.

2) If time is being handled correctly, a "new" Data/Constant/Date_Time
object will display the operating system's time and its properties'
"initial" value will reflect the correct time zone ( i.e. Sat 01/Jan/1
00:00:00 if you are in GMT or Sat 01/Jan/1 19:00:00 if in EST {GMT-5
hours}).  Mike points out that exactly how this initial value works is
not clear so ignore the date part of it.

3) For some people, particularly me, the Vee timestamp does not equal
the operating system's time, but instead differs by some constant number
of hours.  When this is the case, changing the operating system time
changes Vee time so that it continues to  act as though it were in a
different but consistent time zone.  The value returned by now() always
appears to be correct (in agreement with the operating system time).
The value displayed by the Date_Time object includes a time zone
indicator at the end (i.e. Wed 03/Apr/2002 23:45:52 EST). I DON'T

4) For those machines acting in this manner, the "initial" value for a
Date_Time object is not correct for the operating system time zone and
it seems to have a time zone indicator tacked onto the end which is not
normally present.  In my case, with the operating system time set to
GMT, I would expect a default initial value of "Sat 01/Jan/1 00:00:00"
but instead I have "Sat 01/Jan/1 19:00:00 EST".  No matter what I have
tried, I have not been able to change this "EST" value - the time and
date changes but the "EST" remains.

5) I have four machines in front of me and three of them display this
behavior.  I have a workaround but it means that I must do some special
coding whenever I use text based time values for any purpose within a
Vee application.  The Date_Time object tells you what time zone its
using (at least mine does) but a To_String timestamp output does not.


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