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vrf VEE DataTranslation DAC and waveform generation

Question asked by VRFuser on Jul 11, 2002

I'm afraid your only real solution is to return the unit.  When I look
at the online specs and the manual, the 9800 series is pretty clearly
labeled for single output D/A values.  I will note that in looking at
the online page, the column headings are all offset, but it is pretty
obvious if you look at the chart for more than a second and then you
see that there is no throughput entry for D/A.  The short and sweet is
that you bought the wrong board.

Data Translation does make boards that do what you want, but not in
USB, you will have to use PCI or PCMCIA.  I would warn you up front that
my experience with the PCMCIA cards is they either install and work
great or they don't and I don't have a way to predict which.  Many
hours have been expended trying to get a card to work in 1 particular
notebook and it never worked.  Data Translation help was no help in
this case.  On the other hand, in another laptop and a desktop they
work great.

I've relatively little experience with the PCI cards so far (we did
ISA for many years, but they are not supported under the more recent
Windows) but they seem to be fine.


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