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vrf deleting values from a file

Question asked by VRFuser on Oct 24, 2002
      To append to a file you can just open it and write to it as you have
done.  To delete a value though, read the data into your program ( e.g.
into an integer or text array ), identify the value you want to remove and
write it back to the file: overwrite the original file and omit the
appropriate value.

For example: read the example file using READ TEXT, INT32 FORMAT, Array 1D
TO END (*).  Next identify the value you want to omit, say the 3rd value
[element 2 of the array].

Use a To File object and check the 'clear file at pre-run or open' and
write the array as concat(Ary[0:1],Ary[3:*])

Hope that helps.

Mike Watts

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