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vrf Accessing NI-PCI-6220 DAQ

Question asked by VRFuser on Oct 27, 2006

You're not alone. I'm the one who is supposed to figure this out and write about it. Of course, I get my info from people like you and other in this group.

It's possible that LAN will cut into GPIB's stronghold, but it will take time. There's a lot of talk about LXI (especially from Agilent) and all their new instruments have USB and most also have LAN and GPIB. I suspect the limiting factor in LAN adoption is that there are relatively few LAN or USB instruments but plenty lots with GPIB. I suspect that there will be a slow transition to Ethernet and it will take years to suppant GPIB. By they way, I still run into annoucements for new instruments that have RS-232 and GPIB and some with RS-232 only. I would think that by now those would have USB as well, but not all do.

Having said that, though, there are a lot of applications for USB that fall outside the traditional system test. Many people are using USB for data-acquistion with sensors and for digital I/O. But, they don't usually use USB in conjunction with GPIB--more likely they work with with PCI/PXI as well as USB and they don't use VISA so some of the issues discussed in this forum don't appear there.

I once write a column about Ethernet supplanting GPIB, and that was 10 years ago. It may be another 10 years...

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Subject: RE: [vrf] USB/LAN instument interfaces

I recently have spec'd out and purchased an all LAN system, but I'm still in the early stages of writing instrument libs, so I can't tell you how this system performs as a working tester.  I'm obviously assuming that it will perform better (or at least as good) as a GPIB system, otherwise I've wasted a lot of my company's money :o).  It's definitely faster in transferring large amounts of data such as a scope trace.



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Subject: [vrf] USB/LAN instument interfaces

Hello all,
     I'm trying to get an inkling of where this industry is REALLY heading.
     How much new system development have ya'all been doing strictly using USB/LAN, no IEEE488?

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