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vrf Using the ToolHelp library: Upgrade 4

Question asked by VRFuser on Sep 10, 2002
>> control a robot arm

     >Cool stuff! Watch out for servos though. Never enable the output amps without checking and gaining control of *everything*. You can get >the most interesting looks on people's faces when something goes wrong...

     This is pretty cool! This gadget is a Epson Industrial Robot, capable of applying a lethal force to human head (breaking bones if hit elsewhere), when it runs with 100% speed and 100% acceleration!!! And you can actually tweak it to go up to 150% on both. Well then the table (500kg) starts walk out the door with the robot attached due the vibration, but anyway

     But naturally we run this with only 40% and safety areas programmed to robot controller (not by-passable from the Vee program)...

     >Use User32.GetAsyncKeyState to read the state of any key on the keyboard. User32.GetKeyboardState returns the state of all keys >simultaneously. The function is documented at:


     >Sorry about that! It's a huge URL. In the mean time, the attached VEE program simply monitors the state of the keys you mentioned. The only >problem I can see with this technique is that VEE still responds to the keystrokes (PgUp / PgDn cause the development environment to cruise >accordingly). Maybe that's not such a big deal for a finished app though.

     Thanks for this, I also look thru that MS DB, but it was bit overwhelming. If the PgUp/PgDn gives too much trouble, I guess I can use other keys, now that I have an example of how to do it.

     I give it a try in a day or two and if I am still in one piece, let you know what happened.


     Thanks again,


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