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vrf Convert integer to bits

Question asked by VRFuser on Apr 23, 2003
SMART Electronic Development GmbH - Germany

Von:  Ralf Eichele@SMART GMBH am 24.04.2003 14:04

An:   "VEE Reflector"<>
Thema:    int16 - is there a bug

Hallo VRF,

i've problems with the int16 value. I take a int16 constant and switch it to
displaying Hex. when i write #hFFFF in the constant, i get an error. When i
write - 1 i get #hffff displayed, thats what i'm expected.
When i want to convert FFFF (--> -1) with the From String object  to int16 i get
also an error. Same behavior at asInt16().
Where is my mistake?


Ralf Eichele

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