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vrf Memory leak?

Question asked by VRFuser on Mar 27, 2002
Mike Groves hit most of my gripes with VEE, but the one thing that would
make my life easier is related to Mike's gripe # 6.

     6) In I/O boxes, you can ONLY read data to an output pin name. Why
    data be read DIRECTLY into a local or global variable instead? This
    could cut down on the "box count" in many applications.

For me, I'd like to be able to turn off the "feature" that creates an input
pin every time I type a variable name in an I/O box. In my testing I
routinely take the same data at different conditions (voltage, power level,
temperature etc.). I set the condition, take the data (saved to variables)
and then save it all to a file on one line per test condition. There are
cases where I have more than 50 items per line. The data doesn't need to
come through an input pin, just using the variable name works fine. I don't
want to have all of those input pins and their corresponding "Get Variable"
boxes. Any time I edit a line, VEE creates the input pins, so as it is now I
have to clone the "To File" object, edit the line(s) and copy/paste the
transaction back to the original object to avoid having to delete all those
input pins.

Speaking of that, I'd also like to be able to select and delete multiple
terminals and else/if's.

Doug Rudrow
Spectrian Inc.

P.S. - Hey Mike, yer right across the street, glad yer still there!
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