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AW: vrf Copying sheet values

Question asked by VRFuser on Apr 4, 2002
Many thanks Rolf, this is just what I needed.

I did also ask before whether anybody knew how to get the help to work
correctly when selecting active-X functions from the
Device > Function & Object Browser. All that I seem to get is "There is no
help topic for (selected member etc)"

Are some additional Office help files required to be installed or something

Mark Wills

Principal ATE Engineer
Wireless Automotive System Group

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Hi Mark,
find attached a (very)short example of copying values
in Excel with the PasteSpecial command. Due to lack of time
I've only made an example of copying data within the same
sheet, but maybe this can show you the right way ... .

Hope this is what you've needed

Rolf Neumann
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Hi All,
     I posted a this request earlier this last week and had one reply
offering a ready made solution at a fee which I don't want as I have most of
the code completed and am only missing this last bit, so I'll try my luck

Please can anybody help with the correct command syntax to copy only the
values from one sheet to another using PasteSpecial.
Just for info the two sheets are in different workbooks, although I this
shouldn't matters.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Mark Wills

Principal ATE Engineer
Wireless Automotive System Group

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