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vrf GPIB7 + 14?

Question asked by VRFuser on Oct 4, 2006
Goran points me in the correct direction. After unmarking this "feature" in the IOlib14.2 there is just GPIB7



And I don't think the "duplicate-select-code-problem" is a bug (perhaps more of an "information bug" . With Suite 14.2 Agilent GPIB can act as a NI GPIB card. Then VEE has two ways to talk to the card, via Agilent driver (select code 7) or via the NI driver (select code 14). So that is why your interface/instruments show up twice in InstrumentManager. You can disable the NI emulation in Suite14.2 under Tools/Agilent488. Then the interface/instruments will only show up at SC
7 in VEE.


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