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vrf Strange things are happening with VEE 5.01

Question asked by VRFuser on Feb 28, 2002
Hi there,

By chance, do you have the "Delete Variables at Pre-Run" check box
cleared in the Default Preferences? This could do what you are seeing.


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Subject: vrf Strange things are happening with VEE 5.01

A question about program flow and order of operation. I'm reviewing a vee
program from one of our other offices. At one point in the test it checks a
value against a variable. The variable is not set in the main flow of the
program. I would expect that they would be getting a variable not defined
error, but they don't. I found that the variable happens to get defined in a
User Function that never gets called. How is this? I've heard that VEE will
execute any/all functions that has a start button in it simultaneously. Is
this true? Partially true? Unfortunately, I can't step through the program
to see if and when the variable actually gets set.
Has anyone experienced this?
Rick Page
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