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vrf Can't get ActiveX control to work.

Question asked by VRFuser on Sep 8, 2006

            I am having a problem getting an ActiveX control to work in a program. I want to use the Listview feature that is shown in the ActiveX control examples in VEE. To do this I had to put the COMCTL32.OCX ActiveX control into the following directory C:WindowsSystem32 which I downloaded this control from Microsoft. I then imported it from the ActiveX Control Reference by selecting ‘Microsoft Windows Common Controls 5.0(SP2)’. I could now see the ActiveX controls, but when I selected Listview and dropped it into the VEE workspace I got the following error.


ActiveX object could not be created.

Error Number: 557

System Error Code: 0x80040112

System Error Message: Class is not licensed for use.

The ActiveX control is not licensed for use on this machine.



Below is the text of what the error means:



If the ActiveX object indicates an error code of 0x80040112, then the control is licensed. This error can appear if the licensed control is not installed properly. When the full control package is installed properly, a license exists that lets you create an instance of the control when developing a VEE program. VEE requests a license key from the control and saves this key with your VEE program. This method lets you distribute a copy of the control’s file with your program to one or more target computers. VEE presents this key to the control on a target computer, allowing VEE to create an instance of the control.

This error message can appear if you try to use the control on target computers. You cannot use the control to create new programs, and you cannot clone or copy/paste the control in an existing program. Remember, the control is not licensed on the target computer for you to use; the license key only allows VEE to reference the control. You must purchase and install the full control package.



I have installed it with full Administration rights and I have rebooted my PC. I have even ensured that the control is recognized by my PC by running C:WindowsSystem32
egsvr32.exe COMCTL32.OCX.

My system is running WindowsXP and I have VEE version 7.52 installed.


I have asked Agilent about installing (purchasing) a full control package such as Microsoft Visual Basic or Microsoft Visual C++ etc, but they believe that I would not have to. They are puzzled by my problem as well.


Has anyone got an idea about this?







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