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vrf LAN Operation

Question asked by les_hammer on Aug 13, 2002
Hi Chris,

One thing that I did not mention in my previous reply is what to do if you
do not have a driver for your LAN instrument.  Several Agilent Plug&Play
drivers provide a solution with "passthrough" functions.  These are generic
functions that were added to the driver.  If you know the SCPI (or other)
language of the instrument, you can use these drivers.  For instance:

  Install E1415 VXIplug&play driver (even if you don't have an E1415
  VEE - I/O pulldown menu - Instrument Manager - Add Instrument -
    Advanced - Plug&play Driver tab:
      Plug&play Driver Name: HPE1415
      Address: GPIB0::14::INSTR
      Perform Identification Query: Not checked
      Perform Reset: Not checked

(Doing the "Not checked" in the Plug&Play driver instalation tells the
driver to not bother checking the instrument ID or doing a reset -- things
that probably would fail without a real E1415 out there.)

  OK button.  OK button.  Plug&play Driver button, place object.
  Double click blue line:  At the bottom of the function list:
    Passthrough Functions:
      Send String                           -- Allows you to send any string
(SCPI command)
      Query String                         -- Get a string response from
your instrument
      Query Int32                          -- (etc)
      Query Real64
      Query Real64 Array
      Send Arb Block

  The E1419 VXIpnp driver offers same Passthrough Functions.

  The E1411 VXIpnp driver offers just 2 "SCPI Command Interpreter"
    SCPI Non-Query Command
    SCPI Query Command

You now have a driver for any instrument.


In addition, some instruments have IVI drivers.  You may be able to use
these instead of Plug&Play drivers in your VEE program.

Hope this helps.

Les Hammer
Complete Test
P.O. Box 6
720 SW 14th St.
Loveland, CO.  80537

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