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vrf VEE User Meeting with Agilent VEE Developer in Munich Germany

Question asked by d.sperling on Feb 25, 2003
Hi VEE Users,

it is possible to meet the Developers of VEE from Agilent Technologies USA.
The meeting include the news of the Next Version of VEE and deep Tips and
Tricks sessions.

Do not  miss the possilility to discuss with Agilent people the
needs of the VEE Environment.

If you will come to the meeting in Munich on the 20th of March send a eMail
with your name and adress to:

or see the electronic form under "Diskussion" on the Internetsite:

I looking forward to hear from you.

Best regards,

Dietmar Sperling
Meilhaus Electronic GmbH / Agilent Channel Partner
Fischerstr. 2
D-82178 Puchheim near Munich
Tel: +49/89/89 01 66 -47

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