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vrf Parallel Output

Question asked by VRFuser on Mar 5, 2002
I've generated a handful of waveforms using VEE 6.01.  I want to output
these waveforms via my parallel port.  I've had success in accessing the
port using both jspayne and peek-n-poke, sending data out in bytes.
I save the waveforms to files using "Write Text a;  Default Format", they
are saved in an array format when I do this.  Naturally each array is
different and I know I can use the "Get Array" to indicate the size of the

How do I output the file using either jspayne or peek-n-poke?  I'm thinking
I need to step through the array and output the data one piece/byte at a
time but I'm not sure if this is the most efficient method or even how to
step through the array.  I've checked out Helsel's book and the advanced
manual but neither indicates how to dynamically step through an array.

Any help is appreciated
Diane Donnelly

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