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vrf Vee6 and pointing to the desired file

Question asked by bwalden on Jul 12, 2002

Thanks for your response - you're serial0 suggestion is a good one.  Now if it was only possible for an application's user to specify which port to use for "event" driven input.


"Martn Castillejos, Juan Carlos" wrote:

> Hi all,
> >From my point of view, including in the vee file is an upgrade, although it may not work in all cases. This avoid searching file into the computer for some defined interfaces.
> An additional way to use this, it is to select all equipment as serial0 interface in the included in the vee file itself, that is all as "not live". In this case it is necessary to ask before executing the main part of the program which is the port number for every connected equipment. Or maybe generate a txt (for example interfaces.txt) information file that could be more flexible and readable for the operator. In this file, port numbers can be changed before execute vee and it can be stored always in the same directory than the vee. In that way it is very easy to codify that has to be read it at the same time global variables are declared and other init functions executed.
> In both ways (manually by the operator or by and additional file) can be obtained the correct numbers of ports. Supposing they are known, each Direct I/O object needs to be feed (and activated before executed!) with its good value.
> Set all equipment in serial0 means "not live" and vee program does not crash at startup.
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> I have never figured out how is supposed to work.  Every time I
> try using the standard I/O capabilities, I get into trouble.  Mark's
> message and "home" explanation helps but there are still problems.  The
> applications I write are intended to run on computers I never see and
> certainly don't get to configure.  The operator is expected to plug
> sensors into available serial ports, turn on the application, enter some
> port assignment information and collect data.  When I write the code, I
> have no idea what ports are physically present on the target machine and
> I don't know which ones the operator will choose to use.  Inevitably,
> when its really important, my application will refuse to load because
> some port used during development is not available on the target.
> Vee 6.01 seems to have flexibility in how port allocation and
> configuration can be handled but I haven't come up with the right
> combination.  I want my application to load and then provide the
> operator with the ability to designate and configure the serial ports he
> has chosen for use with the available sensors. How is this supposed to
> be done?
> Barrie
> whoi

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