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vrf Mouse events

Question asked by VRFuser on Aug 19, 2002
Niklas -

> How to detect mouse events in VEE 6 ???

There are a few calls in user32.dll that can help out:

> Plot mouse postion (x,y)
GetCursorPos will return the current position of the mouse.

> Detect right button click
> Detect left button click
> Detect scroll button click
GetKeyState or GetAsyncKeyState can return the current state of the left,
right and middle mouse buttons.

> Detect scroll up
> Detect scroll down
These are a bit trickier because all this information is sent in
WM_MOUSEWHEEL messages. Basically, you subclass the VEE window and look for
these messages. Somebody has probably already done it in an ActiveX control.
If not, it's not all that difficult.

Documentation for these (and all Windows functions) can be found at:


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