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vrf Function Bug??

Question asked by VRFuser on Jul 23, 2002

I observed the same thing. It functions correctly, it's just
the PING that is not correct. Because of the incorrect ping,
it took me twice as long to troubleshoot a simple example on
the VRF as it should have. I was sure the input pin was set
to either ANY or REAL because of the wire's data. I just could
NOT figure out how the DELAY box was working in INTEGER mode
when its input pin was set to ANY and the input data was REAL64.

It's kind of like troubleshooting a circuit with a DC voltmeter
that is unknowingly set to "AC". It can sure mess up your logic
in determining what is wrong.

Mike Groves
Cree Microwave

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A few observations:

- it works fine as a function call rather than formula call
- the UserFunction does treat the 2.7 as int32.  If you show the input
terminal on the alphanumic in UserFunction, that shows as a Int32.

This doesn't explain why the pinging on the input pin and on the line
incorrectly show as Real when used in a function call, but hopefully it's a


Kathy Kiessling
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<< File: FunctionBug.vee >> My original post was to reveal a possible bug
in VEE.
Folow the attachment to see what I mean...

Mike Groves
Cree Microwave