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vrf Creating forms in VEE

Question asked by VRFuser on Aug 20, 2002
I need to create a form in VEE that users will input text input.  What I
would like to do is have up to 5 fields for data input.  My form would have
the curser in the 1st field to start.  My expected input is 4 characters.
I would like to limit the number of characters to 4, but if 3 were input,
trap that error.  I would also like the ability to either jump to the next
field once the 4th character is input, or have it jump to the next field
when tab or return is pressed.

It would also be nice to tab backwards or use the mouse to move around.  I
don't want to use the pop up dialog boxes.  I would like all the fields
visable at one time.  Any ideas or examples?


Tom Mitchell

Autoliv AEA

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