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vrf Agilent 8722ES vector network analyser trace data

Question asked by VRFuser on May 29, 2002
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Hello Vee people

I am currently working with an Agilent 8722ES vector network analyser. I am
trying to work out what is the fastest method for transferring the trace
data from the VNA to an XY trace within my software. There are five
different FORMS for which the information can be read. The trace data
displayed on my XY trace is only going to be used as a visual guide for the
user and does not have to be to scale, but a fast refresh time is crucial. I
can successfully retrieve the data to my Vee program (using FORM1,2), but I
am having problems changing this information into a recognisable gain trace
for my Vee XY trace display. I always feel guilty asking you clever people
for help, but I am at the end of my tether, so if anyone can put me out of
my misery I will be a happy man. :o)

> Best Regards               

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