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vrf VEE 6.1

Question asked by VRFuser on Jun 4, 2002
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Hi everybody,

Normally I'd like to read vrf forum by e-mail because may English learning
is started and ended at 2nd level (is my crazy life time schedule), but in
this case I tired to come into the arena and I hope to contribute about Vee
6.1 argument.

My Vee experience cross all revision of VEE, from version A on HP-UX 7.x
many years ago (it was love at 1st look),  to latest 6.0x. On HP-UX (HP
unix) not all was easy or simple, but not crazy as microsoft "technology".
For us was very hard to leave Unix and workstation, but we understood the
Agilent choice of "the PC way".

Now our work is more similar to an hazard game: we spend not planned time
to download, to find the right trick (sorry, is what microsoft call
configuration), to understand why what's working on NT doesn't work on
Win2000, make  documents "for user's first aid" but on XP all is different
and we must start again etc.. etc.. I suppose this is a standard scenario
for everyone is working in microsoft environment and VEE help us to be over
these "children protection .. bip .. bip " of microsoft.

Vee 6.1 protection isn't a news, it's standard in many products for Sun and
HP workstation. But  Agilent must remember the choice to follow the large
market of PC and more important "microsoft software" and this choice cannot
be a Cruz for us only.

I cannot teach to Agilent VEE Marketing Manager the right policy for VEE,
but I suggest to hear the user's needs as HP tradition.

Here in Italy, we don't enjoys for the advertising  effort on VEE (but from
some e-mail this is a world wide situation), and few customer know this
wonderful programming approach. Our sales people spent a lot of time to
show the advantage of use of VEE as Test manager and more other

This wasn't surprising, because Agilent's core business is on
instrumentation. A salesman spent the same time to sell 100.000USD of
instrumentation ( the customer is free to choice which language like) and
to sell a single copy of VEE. Normally these field or sales engineers have
a partial view of VEE capabilities, but can they have the same level of
knowledge in microwave and VEE to build virtual instruments??.

I think the Agilent idea is to be sure to have licensed application of VEE
by a protection in a PC market. But how many licenses are lost with a not
diffusion oriented strategy. In internet community I guess, someone is
working to build a program to solve the problem, and skipping protection
tricks !?

In  some cases we have the sensation to be alone, it's better to
double/triple the number of users of VEE and have a "physiological" number
of VEE lovers (like us).

>From my experience, 99% of VEE application include instrumentation and in
most cases is simple to you verify the compliance of licenses because the
customers have a Technical Support agreement for instruments.

Normally Agilent supplied in all cases more of 50% of instrumentation (for
telecom this value is close to 90%) and the weight of Vee license is  less
of 1%.

For consultants and others not instrumentation users, you can think to
create a certification of "VEE developer" and teach them about rules,
Licenses agreement and other rights and Law risk included!!

I hope you can change 6.1 idea of protection and take into account an
approach like:
Increase the dialog with users, like this forum;
Create condition to have meetings, knowledge exchange, partners world wide
collaboration, support to improve the product performances;
Extend the collaboration with educational structure and yours learning
center to write an VEE Journal with many case study, advanced use of
available interfaces, integration with other technologies and so forth ;
More push on VEE marketing to increase the number of users

In this way you can know everyone by name and address, what we are doing
and more important: what we are planning. As customer (our company) and as
user (as Vee programmer) I think this way is better of reduce the freedom
of installations.

Many people and You can agree with me: it's impossible to release a
software version without MS-Window crash, virus, bad configuration, memory
leakage, service pack damages and so on. I'm sure Agilent people know this
because the number of bugs of a VEE release for PC is more of what I see
all precedent HP-UX version.

Take this real scenario with 6.0:
the 60% of video boards the lines rip-up doesn't work, the lines become
hidden (many controller are embedded like Intel 815);
Leak of memory when we use VEE sockets client and sever in the same
X-Y trace with a long trace the cursors become crazy on 6.x and I had sell
a downgrade to 5.x
The first  version of firewire VXI board must be upgraded to be used on
MS-Win2000 (but it work with XP !?)
And more

If you want I can increase the list, but you must agree with us in all this
situation we need to switch from a PC to another to understand why, where
is the problem and which are the solutions. You have plan to follow all
these situation with a new key code every time??


In our company the increasing of "incidents" increase the cost of "set to
work" of our products. The set to work cost is added to supplier offer
price to have the correct price. At moment the maximum value is for
microsoft product defined "Not conforming for Test Systems", the set to
work penalty cost is 3 time the cost of HP-UX license. Agilent marketing
people any comments!?

In conclusion .... I suggest to discover a more constructive way to reduce
the concern and the impact of VEE to a new user and in the same time, with
a better customer knowledge, a licenses control.

? or You suggest me to uninstall the VEE version installed in the home PC
for my child (is an preview version coming from Agilent, a "gift" of ****
Tegethoff), because she is nine year old and I had tech she to solve some
little math operations, solve simple algorithmic problems,  play your
evaluation games and other funny application using MS-Agent using speech
and characters. She has discover into the release 7.3 of SuSe Linux games
more exiting. This is a message for our future!!

HI-TECH engineering S.r.l.
Padova - Italy

Ing. Claudio Vettore

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