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vrf Full Screen Console (was Execute Program)

Question asked by VRFuser on Jul 25, 2002
> Does anyone know how I
> can make a VEE Executable
> run as a SERVICE in WIndows

AAMOF there's a utility in the resource kit that might make it possible.
According to the article, "Design a Windows NT Service to Exploit Special
Operating System Facilities," :

"The Windows NT Resource Kit contains a utility called SRVANY.EXE that
allows you to run any Win32 application as a service, but it will not be
able to take advantage of the special operating system features available to

So basically you use this srvany to run VEE and on the VEE command line
(passed to srvany) you invoke your .vee code. Now, whether or not this gets
you anywhere is debatable and really depends on your code. You won't be able
to interact with VEE unless you log on, so if this is just running a process
then it's ok. If you need to do anything (like press buttons, answer
questions or examine output) you're SOL.
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