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vrf External Program Execution

Question asked by VRFuser on Apr 17, 2001


Stan Bischof (Richard S) <> on
04/18/2001 01:56:17 PM

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Subject:  Re: vrf External Program Execution wrote:
> The problem outlined below also was observed when attempting to execute
> Windows Legacy programs such as Notepad, so I am sure it is not a VB, VEE
> interaction problem.

> I wrote a complex VEE program using 6.01. In the beginning of the program
> call a Visual Basic compiled executable using the VEE Execute Program
> module. After few seconds the VB program locks. When I Control-Alt-Delete
> to get the Task Manager it  lists the VEE program as "not responding."
> At first I thought that the combined VEE and VB program used all
> memory but I tried a simple VEE program that only had the Execute Program
> box in it and it called a simple VB program that only had two command
> buttons and a text box and it also locked after a few seconds.

Is it safe to assume that you have the
"wait for prog exit" switch set to "NO"?


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