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vrf active X version (MS office)

Question asked by VRFuser on Jun 4, 2002
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From: Ted Sears


The 97 and 2K versions have different application definitions.

For example:  The following are examples to instantiate MSAccess 97 and MS
Access 2K:

Set msa = CreateObject("", "Access.Application.8");

Set msa = CreateObject("", "Access.Application.9");

Notice the version number is the only difference.

The newer versions have much more functionality and more robust performance, so if possible have
the end user upgrade to the latest version.

Otherwise, one way to select the correct version is to provide an operator selected message with a
conditional If/Then/Else object to pass the sequence to the proper path.

Another automatic approach is to have a text ".ini" file that defines the installed version and read it into
the VEE application at start up.  Vee then selects the appropriate object to create the connection.

Hope this helps.

Ted Sears

Eastman Kodak

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