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vrf Matrix Multiplication Problem

Question asked by omer.akbas on Jun 5, 2002
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2002 by omer.akbas
Dear All,
I am trying to multiply a 10x10 matrix with 10x1 matrix(array) using
matMultiply(A,B) function which is supposed to perform the task according to
linear algebra rules. However, matMultiply(A,B) function outputs an error
saying that input values must be a 2 dimensional real array. Linear algebra
rules say that I can multiply 10x10 matrix with 10x1 matrix(array). What
By the way, I can perform the operation with MATLAB function mtimes without
problems. But this is no solution for me as the program I am developing
should also work under HP-UX(no MATLAB capability)
Omer Akbas
Arcelik A.S.
Istanbul, Turkey
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