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vrf Terrible tabs revisited

Question asked by VRFuser on Jul 26, 2002
Hello VRFers, Happy Friday!

About 6 months ago I reported a bug that involved using a TAB character
(     ) to align data on a Logging AlphaNumeric display. It was useless as
the TAB would align itself to the underlying grid instead of the Logging
Alphanumeric box. Meaning, if you moved the box slightly, the tabs would
shift their positions pushing your data around.

Well today I found another instance of this same problem, this time with
the output pin of a formula box and also the wire connecting it to the
input of a regular AlphaNumeric display.

See the attachment for details.

I would be curious if anyone running VEE 6.1 (or the demo) could report
if this occurs there also.

Mike Groves
Cree Microwave