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vrf Agilent Vee using IOtech GPIB card

Question asked by VRFuser on Feb 6, 2002

I am using the Agilent Vee Pro 6.01 Evaluation version on Windows2000.

I've installed an IOtech Personal488 GPIB card.
Installation went fine, and the Agilent IO config detects the GPIB card.
With the IOtech driver and testsoftware the communication to an instrument
via GPIB is fine!

Once I am in the Agilent VEE software:

  ->IO->Instrument Manager->Find Instruments
Agilent Software summizes the GPIB card.
It seems that the Agilent VEE configured the drivers, and the "IDN?" query
went fine.

After all settings/configurations, I want to use a PANEL Driver for HP3440.
When I click that button, the software starts loading, and after 2 seconds
an message box appears on the screen, like:

>veeeval.exe causes an error
>you should start the software again!"

The DrWatson log file shows this error, and reports a stack overflow.

Has anybody detected this problem earlier?
Can anybody help me with this problem?
(Please reply to me today if possible.)

Many thanks,

Henk den Haan
Satellite Services B.V.
Katwijk aan zee

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