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vrf Tektronix CSA8000 scope

Question asked by VRFuser on Jun 6, 2002
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Do you have the latest firmware upgrade for the CSA8000. It should be 1.3.3. and can be download from the internet. There are many bugs in the first firmware which gives IEEE problems and "Not Responding" problems. I use the CSA8000 without problems with
HPVEE and Direct I/O.

For the Direct I/O settings see the Word attachement.

(See attached file: DirectIO.doc)

For an example of the Direct I/O commands see the attachement of the HPVEE Example file.

(See attached file: DirectIO.vee)

Henny Bouman

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I've got a Tektronix CSA8000 scope with an 80C02-CR optical module in it. I need to do STM16 mask testing with it and also an extinction ratio measurement on an optical signal. Does anyone have a HPVEE code sample that might help?

Also, is there anything quirky/non standard as regards line termination characters etc. for GPIB strings for the instrument ? I can't even get the beast to respond to a simple *IDN? statement at the moment.

Thanks in advance.

John Cahill

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