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vrf Data Array question

Question asked by VRFuser on Feb 2, 2003
Latest reply on Feb 3, 2003 by VRFuser
I'm using a HP54620A logic analyzer (GPIB) to read some messages on a SPI
bus.  I'm able to decode each channel of the logic analyzer into seperate
arrays of equal length.  The 54620A sends 4096 data points to the PC, of
which, all are converted to one's and zero's for each of  the channels of
the logic analyzer.

I'm comparing channel 2 to the data on channel 3, and I'm trying to decode
the hex message being clocked by the micro.  The problem that I have is the
way the logic analyzer sends the data back to the pc, I get either 7 or 8
data points for each 'bit' of my data so I cannot simply read every 7th or
8th point.  So I need to parse through the data looking for the transition
points, then use these points to compare channel 2 to channel 3 to
determine if my bit is high or low.  I expect 4 messages to be returned to
me that I need to decode.  Each bit is 500ns, with about 15-18 us between
the messages.

I've use the min/max function to step trough the array to find the next
transition point.  But This required a repeat until break object which is
very s-l-o-w.  Does anyone know a faster way to parse through the array?
Or does someone have a better idea on how to read the hex messages directly
from the 54620A?


Tom Mitchell

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