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vrf Reading e-mails with Vee

Question asked by VRFuser on Feb 7, 2002
Hi Scott, I just joined the reflector and I don't know the background BUT:

I had a vee program that I wanted to have email me when something happened.
I tried the usual interfacing to outlook, outlook express didn't have the
hooks I need. Any way I was successful about 50% of the time. Outlook
sometimes didn't pass the message onto the mail server then all of a sudden
I would get a weeks worth of messages. Any way I wrote a dll in VB that I
called with vee. The VB DLL would pass the message on to the pop3 server
that you could define. If you are interested I can pass you on more details.
Scott MacEachern
Scott MacEachern A.Sc.T.
Product Specialist
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Hi Scott
My code was written by someone else:  I don't know much about Active-x
controls.  You're welcome to check this out, though.


Kevin 2 Hasselquist
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Hi Kevin

You have recently posted an e-mail on the subject of getting your VEE code
to e-mail you when and error has occurred. I am trying to use ActiveX to
find out when new mail has arrived, and also pull the main body of the
e-mail into VEE. If you have the time I would be very interested in any
examples you have.

Best regards

Scott Thompson

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