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Question asked by VRFuser on Feb 27, 2002
I am working on two different test systems which A to D the output from 2D
imaging devices.  When in idle mode this data is sent to a display routine
which works as fast as the VEE/PC combination will let it.  If some fields
of data are missed it makes no odds.  With the machine I am using I still
maintain a tolerable image update rate.  Periodically, I want to capture a
stream of several seconds of contiguous test data for numerical analysis (at
some later time).  I must NOT lose any of this data or the subsequent
analysis will be corrupted.  Therefore, on both systems (one uses a data
translation board, the other a measurement computing board) I am forced to
sacrifice a visual display of the data I am capturing whilst I capture it.
If I leave the test data capture routine to spend time displaying, when I
return to the test data capture routine I have lost synchronisation and
missed data.  As an alternative I have thought that after capturing test
data I can then display it in, say, a loop to have some form of check as to
it's 'goodness'.

Does anyone have any other ideas as to how I could maintain the contiguous
test data flow whilst grabbing the odd field of data to throw into the
display routine?
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