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vrf ActiveX, Variants and ByRef

Question asked by VRFuser on Sep 24, 2003
> Not sure when you find time to do your 'day job'

Ugh! Yesterday I got to sit in front of a computer for seven hours feeding
it CDs. It hasn't been very intellectually taxing lately.

> BTW, I tried the various asVariant(asInt16()) castings plus every other
> permutation I could think of to no avail.

Bummer. This can only mean VEE doesn't do SAFEARRAY. This has to go on the
list of things to check out.

> write a simple dll to convert the data from VEE into the required
> type for the OCX.

That works wonderfully. Check out SafeArrayCreateVector,
SafeArrayPutElement, SafeArrayDestroy and VariantInit, all in the Automation

P.S. I knew a Mike Watts about 25 years ago. Does OHS mean anything to you?

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