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vrf 34970A Read vs fetch

Question asked by paul.fowler on Aug 8, 2003

In my experience, every time I upgraded my processor speed, there was
an associated boost in the execution speed of my VEE program. I find
the VEE overhead is quite processor intensive and it likes lots of
horsepower for complex programs.

If you have to wait for things like power meter settling, or a sweep
to finish on a scope, do it either with a signal when done, or what
I usually do is put in a fixed delay in the Direct I/O statement. (It
actually references a fixed delay variable, but you get the idea.)

I just read Kathy's post. Yes, go for the gusto, then later you can
argue that the production machines must match the performance of your
development machine and get them upgraded too! 

Mike Groves

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I have something like a Pentium-III 800 MHz machine with 256-MB ram.

If I get a new, faster pc, will VEE likely run about as fast, marginally
faster, proportionally faster ?  Please advise.

We are trying to measure the thickness of stamped metal parts on a
[calibrated] bowl rotating at 20 rpm.

I have a thru-beam laser sensor tied to a A/D converter together with a
quadrature encoder card connected to an axial shaft encoder.

In developer mode, my program seems to max out at one voltage [height]
measurement per 1.5 milliseconds, that is,
640 measurements-per-second.

I am creating a run-time exe file which I expect runs faster than when in
development mode.


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