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vrf Problem with Real32 data constant

Question asked by VRFuser on Sep 6, 2006
Hi All,

    I have a persistent problem with all of my VEE programs to date.  The problem is that when I use a Real32 data constant on the front panel of a user object, VEE seems to put a lot of additional numbers behind the decimal.  For example, if I want to input say 1.25, then the next time I run the program and want to change this, I click on the Real32 data constant and it has something like 1.250000688493.  Why is this? And how can I stop it from happening? 

   For more information, the user object is there to load in parameters from a file for the current experiment I am doing, and then save them after a change and proceed with the rest of the experiment.  When I save the parameters, I edit the transaction so it only saves in Fixed format, with say 4 numbers after the decimal, however on running the program again, it still has the problem.

    Many thanks



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