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vrf Using variable "thistest"

Question asked by VRFuser on Mar 24, 2003
Hi everyone.

I have strange problem in using variable "thistest" at sequencer. I use it
for displaying measured values.

My solution has a Main.vxe program which is started at first. Main.vxe then
starts user defined test program which has several sequencers. When running
test sequence I use a function to display measured values after each test.
Everything seems to be OK when I ran the test sequence but when I use
Main.vxe program to launch the test sequence I have an error message
"Variable thistest not found in sequencer ..." and program stops.

I also use another function called "evaluate" which is called from
sequencer if test fails. The syntax is: IF FAIL THEN CALL
evaluate(thistest). Oddly this works without error messages using the same

Any clues why variable is not found but when using evaluate it is?

Any help appreciated.


Seppo Metsala
ATE Engineer

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