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vrf AW: Changing Default Printer at Runtime

Question asked by detlef.baranski on Apr 6, 2003
This example seems to be not the solution. It does not run also under my
conditions (WinNT4, Vee 6.01), sorry.
Its easy to check- run this program, choose  a printer which is not yet your
standard printer and then look under vee menu top left  for printer
setup.What printer do you see ?
Is there anyone who got good results ???

I did discuss this with Agilent in Netherland years ago, and the only chance
was to open a new Vee program for the different standard printer.
Or the Key Macro Recorder

Best regards,

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An: VEE vrf
Betreff: [vrf] Changing Default Printer at Runtime

Hello Paul,

your example changes the default printer but nevertheless VEE
uses the standard printer which was set at start up. Got you
better results? I have W2k and VEE6.01 installed.


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Gesendet: Freitag, 4. April 2003 18:37
An: VEE vrf
Betreff: [vrf] Changing Default Printer at Runtime

This kind of thing should do it.......

Paul F

(See attached file: DefaultPrinter.vee)
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