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vrf Member Announcement: VEE 7.0 beta program registration

Question asked by VRFuser on Aug 19, 2003
Hello vrf-ers,

We have some more news for you about VEE Days and VEE 7.0.

We'll be running a beta program for VEE 7.0 later in the year. We know that many of you will want to get your hands on the beta so that you can communicate your thoughts on the new product to us, and so you can start learning how to use the new features.

Because you're a vrf member, we are giving you an opportunity to sign up for the VEE 7.0 beta program ahead of everyone else. If you take advantage of this opportunity, it will increase your chances of getting into the beta program.

Here's what you need to know and do if you're interested in the VEE 7.0 beta program:

Go to the VEE Days sign up page at < > right now, and either sign up for a VEE Days event or suggest a city for a future VEE Days event. If you do this, you'll get an opportunity to register early as a potential VEE 7.0 beta user. If you've already signed up ar have suggested an alternate city, you don't need to do any more.

What will happen is that we'll put you on a notification list, and around the end of August you'll get an email from us telling you how to get to the beta site registration page. When you get the email, you'll want to go to the registration page and sign up as soon as possible, so you'll be near the top of the list of candidates.

Geographic location doesn't matter: wherever you are in the world, you can suggest a city for a VEE Days event, or you can sign up for one of the US events. Either one will be sufficient to get you on the notification list.

When R&D starts to select from the list of beta candidates later this year, they will start with the earliest registrants first. Once they have enough beta users, they will stop reviewing the list. So getting into the list early will increase your chances of becoming a 7.0 beta user.

Please understand that being in the list of candidates does not guarantee you'll be selected. The beta sign-up web site will list criteria that we use for selection of beta users.

The beta-registration web site is going up "soon", maybe in a week or two, so be sure to register for VEE Days or make your VEE Days city suggestion now and beat the crowd.

Best Regards,

Nicole Dierksheide
Scott Bayes
Software Technical Support

Agilent Technologies, Inc.
815 14th Street S.W.
Loveland, CO, U.S.A. 80537

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